Keeping Your Family Routine While Stuck at Home

Recent current events have caused communities to shut down. Schools and daycares are closed, extracurricular activities have been put on hold, and many parents are finding themselves working from home while trying to keep their families in their “normal” routines. While these current events are far from normal, we know how important it is to keep a consistent schedule for kids. In fact, routines can help children gain a sense of independence and confidence, encourage cooperation, and can promote healthy habits! Check out these 5 tips for keeping your family in a routine while at home.

  1. Create a daily schedule and write it down! Grab a large white board or chalk board and write down your family’s schedule from morning wake ups to bed time. Place the schedule in an area that has high visibility like the kitchen. Add mealtimes, activities, school work, conference calls, and nap and quiet times to the schedule. Creating a daily schedule will not only help keep the kids on track but parents too.
  2. Stay consistent with bedtime and morning routines. School may be closed for now but it’s definitely not summer break. Keeping children on their regular sleep routines will not only help them stay healthy (more zzz’s = better health), it will help them stay on track with daily tasks and learning activities. Bonus, when school IS back in session, the kids won’t have to play catch-up with their sleep!
  3. Keep learning a TOP priority. While school may not be physically in session, many schools are now offering virtual learning opportunities for their students. If your school falls into this category, first, ensure your child has a quiet area to do their work. Set them up at the kitchen table or home office, then, make a note to set up your child’s school work the night before (print pages, set up online meetings) to help keep everyone on track!
  4. Make time for meal prep. With your whole family at home, and many restaurants shut down or only offering take-out opportunities, you’re probably finding yourself cooking a lot. While it’s totally okay to wing it – save yourself a little bit of time and plan your meals a day or even a few days in advance. This can help you stay on track with eating healthier and even use some of those pantry items that you’ve stocked up on!
  5. Remember to make time to move each day. Whether it’s a family walk around the block, soccer game in the backyard, or The Little Gym at Home virtual class, it’s important to make time to get moving each day to help decrease stress, get blood flowing, and stay healthy and happy.
    Implementing and sticking to a routine while stuck at home will help the whole family stay on track both mentally and physically and prep everyone for when life gets back on track again!


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