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A recent review of 26 previously published studies involving more than 10,000 children, between the ages of four and 13 years old, demonstrates that incorporating physical activity into a child’s daily routine can help improve the child’s performance in
Playtime is a child’s full-time job. Through imaginative play, children are able to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Imaginary, or pretend play, provides children with an opportunity to develop and grow
Recent current events have caused communities to shut down. Schools and daycares are closed, extracurricular activities have been put on hold, and many parents are finding themselves working from home while trying to keep their
Did you know that 13 out of 100 children experience some type of anxiety disorder and more are simply stressed out? It’s true. Now, more than ever, anxiety in children is on the rise and it’s our
What do you do with your kids when we have to play inside? Rather than plug them in front of a tablet or TV, offer your child activities that will keep their minds and bodies
Did you know that gymnastics helps kids to develop physical skills like body control, coordination and strength? Gymnastics for kids allows children to experience self-confidence through creativity, performance, and helps to lay a strong foundation




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